Fire Sprinkler Systems

We design, install, inspect and repair all kinds of fire sprinkler systems. Our team can support small and large installations. We also inspect and test fire pumps, backflow preventers, fire hydrants and fire department connections

Design, Installation, Inspection, Testing and Maintenance. Let us know how we can help!

Inspection and Testing

Sprinkler head with cover

In order to properly maintain a sprinkler system, regular inspections are crucial. Our team can perform weekly, monthly, quarterly and bi-annual and annual inspections, depending on your facilities needs. Our inspections are designed to meet local standards and codes as well as insurance requirements.

Beyond the sprinkler system, we also specialize in the inspection and testing of fire pumps, backflow preventers, fire hydrants and fire department connections, for a full service experience.

Service and Maintenance

Sprinkler systems, while highly reliable, can over time suffer from wear and tear. Sometimes accidents happen, such as a sprinkler head getting hit, or an incident where someone might have tampered with the system. Should something happen with the sprinkler system, we are available 24 hours a day to support you and handle any emergency calls.

Our team will identify any system issues during inspections and note them as deficiencies. We will also provide you with all the information you need to make informed decisions about future service for the systems and what work may be required in the next while. With our flexible scheduling, we can work around your business requirements and ensure all deficiencies are addressed in a timely manner. Our team is fully certified to provide end-to-end service for your facilities.

fire hydrant flow test

Design and Installation

Row of fire sprinkler systems

With our cradle to grave approach, we can assist with a sprinkler system from the very beginning. It all beings with our engineers following a stringent set of laws and codes to design the sprinkler system that will fit your projects exact needs. Our technicians will then utilize these highly detailed drawings to ensure a professional installation that will meet all necessary codes and standards. Everything is installed is precisely as outlined and our product offerings ensure that we can provide the necessary hardware for the project. From sprinkler piping and heads to backflow preventers, fire pumps and even fire hydrants, we have all your projects fire sprinkler installation requirements covered.

Fire Pump Maintenance and Installation

Our experienced team can provide the necessary inspections for fire pumps, from weekly testing to full annual inspections and the required internal inspections. We work with Diesel and Electric fire pump and provide design, installation and maintenance services, regardless of the manufacturer.

Fire pumps require regular maintenance and care. With our maintenance schedules, you can rest assured that your fire pump is taken care of and receives all necessary inspections and maintenance, as outlined by the manufacturer and the applicable codes.

Technician inspecting fire pump control station

Our other Services

We not only install fire alarm systems, but also offer inspection and maintenance services, so your system performs like new.

We stock a variety of fire extinguishers and can also maintain and inspect your existing extinguishers, so they’re up to date.

 We specialize in kitchen, vehicle and critical infrastructure fire suppression systems. Let us design or maintain your systems.