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Full Service Fire Protection Experts – Serving British Columbia and Alberta

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We work with businesses and high-density residential properties to protect what matters most. Our attention to detail ensures that all inspections are completed to the latest standards. Our regular training and familiarization with the latest fire and building codes allows us to design, install and service your systems thoroughly and efficiently.

Smoke detectors and sprinkler heads

Our Family

Who we are

We’re a 100% Canadian owned business with locations in British Columbia and Alberta. Learn more about our company and team and how passionate we are about what we do, saving lives.


What we do

We are a full service fire protection company, allowing us to take care of all of your fire needs in one go. We work with most major brands and offer installation and maintenance solutions.

Our Mission

Is Life

Savings lives in case of an emergency is what we are all about. We are members of a variety of industry associations to keep up with the latest trends and standards and do what we set out to.


Fire Facts

Sprinkler Systems are highly reliable. Only the sprinkler head closest to the fire will engage, and often a single sprinkler head is enough to contain a fire. While there may be minimal water damage, sprinkler systems use significantly less water than a fire hose, protecting the property and everything within.

Fire Extinguishers need to be inspected regularly. An expired fire extinguisher is the equivalent of having no extinguisher. We offer inspection, refill and replacement solutions for extinguishers to ensure they’re always ready for operation when you need to rush to use is.

Emergency Lighting is not used to illumate the entire area, but instead is meant to illuminate strategic areas, such as exit routes or high risk areas, to ensure a safe evacuation. As such, this lighting needs to regularly be inspected and maintained to ensure its functionality and direction of lighting.

Well Protected

See our service offerings and how we can help!

Fire Safety

Trusted for Life

Having professionals look after your safety equipment is crucial. We offer personalized service and are a full service shop, servicing your safety needs without the need for third party contractors


Our technicians are experts in their field, and we regularly further their training to ensure their latest knowledge and expertise


We offer after-hours service, knowing that disaster strikes at the worst time. We have your back, no matter the time.


Our full-service, personalized approach allows us to keep you informed every step of the way and provide the service you deserve.


We provide detailed reports after every inspection and will provide experts advice in case of deficiencies.


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