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Fire Extinguishers

We sell, inspect and service all kinds for fire extinguishers. Our expertise ranges from ABC and CO2 extinguishers to specialty extinguishers and clean agent extinguishers. When it comes to fire extinguishers, we have you covered.


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Fire Extinguishers are required for most buildings, vehicles, RV’s, boats and aircraft. Getting the correct extinguisher for the task is not only important for meeting Code requirements, but also in case of an emergency. As part of our service offerings we support our customers with all fire extinguisher needs. We carry a large inventory of new extinguishers, including ABC, Foam, K-Class, CO2, Water and Clean Agent units. In addition we also provide the annual inspections required for keep your extinguishers in top shape. Every few years the extinguishers will require a complete tear down and inspection, or even a hydro-test, to ensure the unit can still hold the prescribed pressure. We can provide all of these services in our Intertek licensed facilities. Our team can assist with these requirements as well, ensuring your fire extinguisher needs are all taken care of.

ABC Class Fire Extinguishers are the most common and quite universal extinguisher. They are rated for ordinary combustibles, flammable liquids and and electrical fires. ABC Fire Extinguishers come in sizes ranging from 2.5lbs to 30lbs in their portable format and are also available as wheeled fire extinguisher units which can be

Fire Extinguisher Service

All Extinguishers need to be torn down and inspected every 6 years. Every 12 years, the extinguisher will also need to be hydro-tested to ensure pressure capabilites of the cylinder. The exception are K-Class extinguishers, which require full service every 5 years.

What Type Do I Need

ABC, BC, CO2, K-Class, Water, what type of extinguisher is required for your application? Let us assist with this selection, as every application may differ.


We don't have to rely on subcontractors, allowing us to take care of your systems without any additional wait or frustration.

Fire Alarm Systems

We not only install fire alarm systems, but also offer inspection and maintenance services, so your system performs like new.

Sprinkler Systems

We install and maintain sprinkler systems. Sprinkler systems are delicate systems and need proper maintenance and care.

Fire Suppression

 We specialize in kitchen, vehicle and critical infrastructure fire suppression systems. Let us design or maintain your systems.


We stock a variety of fire extinguishers and can also maintain and inspect your existing hardware, so they’re up to date.

emergency lighting

Finding the way out in case of an emergency or power outage is crucial. We offer a range of emergency lighting solutions.

ULC Monitoring

Monitoring for Fire and Sprinkler systems is vital to ensure the safety of all occupants and to alert the fire department.

Frequently asked questions



Let us design your fire alarm or sprinkler system for your new build. Our team of experts will ensure your systems functionality and compliance right from the concept drawing. We also offer fire safety plan design services.


We not only design the solutions, but also install them up to the necessary standards, We work with various manufacturers, so we can provide the best solution possible every time.


Most fire safety systems are mandated to have regular maintenance performed on them. Let us perform and remind you of the recurring inspections, so you're always up-to-date.