Fire alarm systems

Fire alarm systems provide early detection for fire and other hazards, if programmed. Not only do they save lives, but also minimize property damage. We are a full service solution provider for fire alarm systems from installation to verification and the ongoing inspections, we can ensure your fire alarm system is ready to perform when it needs to.



We can provide installation and modification services for fire alarm systems. As a certified electrical contractor, we ensure the highest standards are met.


Our technicians are certified to provide fire alarm verification on all fire alarm systems. Not only are our technicians CFAA certified, but we also ensure all ULC-S537 requirements are met.


As part of our annual inspection services, we maintain and inspect fire alarm systems from the ground up. All of our reports meet ULC-S536 requirements.

New Install, Replacement or Retrofit

As part of our product offerings, we are proud to offer Advanced Axis Fire Alarm Panels. Advanced offers a wide range of solutions for fire detection and beyond. With addressable and networkable fire alarm panels, we can handle small residential buildings to entire campus deployments, all with the same system. As one of the only open platform fire alarm panels in today’s market space, Advanced fire alarm panels are the clear choice for new installations, retrofits and replacements.

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Fire Alarm Systems

We not only install fire alarm systems, but also offer inspection and maintenance services, so your system performs like new.

Sprinkler Systems

We install and maintain sprinkler systems. Sprinkler systems are delicate systems and need proper maintenance and care.

Fire Suppression

 We specialize in kitchen, vehicle and critical infrastructure fire suppression systems. Let us design or maintain your systems.


We stock a variety of fire extinguishers and can also maintain and inspect your existing hardware, so they’re up to date.

emergency lighting

Finding the way out in case of an emergency or power outage is crucial. We offer a range of emergency lighting solutions.

ULC Monitoring

Monitoring for Fire and Sprinkler systems is vital to ensure the safety of all occupants and to alert the fire department.

How We Can Help

Install & Design

Our services range from design through installation and the service to keep everything functioning like new.


Problems usually wait for the worst time to occur, that's why we are there when you need us, no matter the time.


We don't have to rely on subcontractors, allowing us to take care of your systems without any additional wait or frustration.



Let us design your fire alarm or sprinkler system for your new build. Our team of experts will ensure your systems functionality and compliance right from the concept drawing. We also offer fire safety plan design services.


We not only design the solutions, but also install them up to the necessary standards, We work with various manufacturers, so we can provide the best solution possible every time.


Most fire safety systems are mandated to have regular maintenance performed on them. Let us perform and remind you of the recurring inspections, so you're always up-to-date.