Ionization and Photoelectric Smoke Detection

It turns out, smoke detector does not necessarily equal smoke detector. As with any technology, the detection of smoke has evolved. The two most-used technologies are ionization and photoelectric. While
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Firefighter fighting fire

The Fire Tretrahedron

The Fire tetrahedron explains the basic elements that are required to have a combustion. A tetrahedron – sorry for the geometry lesson – is a triangle with four triangular sides.
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Multiple fire sprinkler heads, showing their shapes and sizes

How does a Fire Sprinkler work?

Fire sprinklers are in many commercial and even some residential buildings. Most people know that a sprinkler going off means it’s a bad day and that hanging things off them
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Large Dual Check Valve Backflow Assembly

What is a Backflow Preventer

When we consume water from our tap, we automatically assume that it is safe for consumn. We expect the water to be clean and free of any pollutants or toxins.
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Open Flame on a Gas Range

Where to place a Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon Monoxide (CO), also referred to as the silent killer, is a real danger. Canada experiences 300+ Carbon Monoxide related deaths every year. Research shows that, just like smoke alarms,
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How to use a Fire Extinguisher – P.A.S.S.

Should a fire ever happen, it is important to have a fire extinguisher at the ready. But without any idea how to use it, it could be more dangerous to
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Smoke Alarm on Yellow Background

What if my Smoke Alarm is beeping

What is a smoke alarm? When it comes to smoke alarms, there is a common misconception. A smoke alarm is an all-in-one device that will sound an alarm when it
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Hand Holding Fire Extinguisher Handle

Are All Fire Extinguishers Created Equal?

Fire Extinguishers are around us all the time and we should always know where the nearest one is. All extinguishers, however, are not created equal. There are different sizes and
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Pan on Fire in Commercial Kitchen

Kitchen Suppression Inspection – What to Expect

Kitchen Fire Suppression systems are the heart of fire protection for commercial kitchens. Due to the presence of grease, an inspection of the fire suppression system has to be performed
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