ULC Fire & Sprinkler Monitoring

We take the frustration out of ULC fire monitoring solutions, with easy pricing, minimal hold-times on the phone and quick responses when it counts. Paired with our expert service, our monitoring solutions are the perfect match for your Nexus Fire & Safety maintained life safety equipment

We have partnered with Authorized Security to provide you with monitoring solutions that are tailored to your systems. Not only do we have a dedicated contact line for  support and system testing, but we also have cross-trained technicians. This allows us to perform your yearly ULC inspection for the monitoring system, while performing the yearly inspection on your fire alarm or sprinkler system. This way you can rest assured that all your systems are properly maintained and functioning, without the hassle of having to schedule multiple contractors.

Take Advantage of our Monitoring Solutions Today and Save

ULC Fire Monitoring Savings

Save Costs, gain more value

One easy monthly fee, no hidden costs. That is our promise to you. The monitoring fees include the costs for the yearly ULC inspections, so you can rest assured that your system will pass inspections going forward. All systems are professionally installed and inspected by Authorized Security. With the partnership we have formed, there won’t be any wait times to put systems on test or to receive monitoring station information. Not only does this save you time, but it also saves you money. Call or email us today for a quote.

Technology you can Trust

We use Bosch control panels for our fire and sprinkler monitoring systems. Bosch’s control panels have proven to be one of the most flexible and reliable systems for this application. The systems support more communication paths for reporting reliability than most others. The cellular communication is versatile by offering connectivity for every major carrier in North America, making the Bosch system the best choice for a life safety monitoring application.

Bosch ULC Fire Monitoring Alarm Keypad