Kitchen Fire Suppression

Most commercial kitchens require a fire suppression system to be installed. Our team is fully certified to install, inspect and maintain kitchen fire suppression systems of all makes and models

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Our Kitchen Fire Suppression Services

Our approach for kitchen fire suppression systems is the same as any other category we service. We provide the design, installation, inspections, and maintenance for all systems. This end-to-end service makes it easy for you to manage. We are fully certified across all major fire suppression manufacturers, allowing us to thoroughly inspect all systems. With our Intertek-certified facilities we provide the necessary internal and hydro-testing inspections for all cylinders relating to the kitchen fire suppression systems. Nexus Fire & Safety is available 24 hours a day, so you can rest assured that your restaurant is code compliant and supported at all times.

Flames under a commercial kitchen fire suppression system

Wet Chemical Suppression

Most kitchen suppression systems use a wet chemical agent. These agents will foam on impact with grease and blanket the fire. This process starves the fire of its necessary oxygen and stops it in its tracks.

Our inspections include a detailed review of the system functionality, nozzle placements and the replacement of all fusible links in the system. A comprehensive report will be prepared for every inspection, outlining the system functionality and possible deficiencies. Our services are not just limited to kitchen hoods, but can also include ecology systems and systems on food trucks.

Kitchens with a fire suppression system will require a Class K fire extinguisher to be present. In fact, the presence of this extinguisher is to be noted on our reports. Our team is certified to inspect the suppression systems and the necessary extinguishers, making it an efficient inspection process.

Should the Class K extinguisher require any service, we can take the necessary steps to certify it. Further, we can provide new fire extinguishers for new kitchen installations or replacements for aged fire extinguishers.

Class K fire extinguisher
Food trucks lined up

Food Truck Fire Suppression

Food trucks are a unique environment for fire hazards. The necessity of the system to withstand vibrations from moving the vehicle to the confined space, all require special consideration. We install and service fire suppression systems in food trucks. Our mobile service and expert technicians ensure that your food truck can be back on the road in no time.

Our inspection programs allow us to bring the necessary tested cylinders, should they need to be swapped, minimizing downtime and providing you with a code compliant food truck on the spot.

How we can help

Fire extinguisher pressure gauge

Suppression Service

Kitchen suppression systems require regular service. We provide inspections and maintenance for all types of systems, including hydro-static testing.


Our certifications allow us to perform the necessary repairs to clear up any kitchen fire suppression system deficiencies.

Design and installation

Opening a new restaurant or adding appliances can be a busy time. We can take the burden of designing and installing the fire suppression and related fire protection equipment, of your hands.